Designs have been popular among our customers from the 1st Spirit of the Bush collection. Designed by Chern'ee Sutton and her sister and brother Brooke and Jesse, cherishes the song of the Spirit of the Bush heard and celebrated in the Kalkadoon Country, more popular designs have been released.
There's a great variety of designs to match your choice, which tells a story from long ago. Stories like how the Kangaroo got its pouch and how the black bird was magically turned into a beautiful lorikeet.
The range of bright beautiful colours is huge which satisfies your colour aesthetics. Think quilts, table runners, placemats, and string bags.

Bulk Deals Available
Buy 6 or More bolts save $1.00/m
Buy 12 or More bolts save $2.00/m
Buy Full Range (23) bolts save $3.00/m