KK Fabrics is a family owned and run fabric wholesaler who have been involved in the fabric trade for over 70 years, commencing business in Glebe, Sydney in 1949 as clothing wholesalers. The business has evolved to our current position as a leading Australian wholesaler of quilting, patchwork and furnishing fabrics and is now in its fourth generation of Kennard ownership.

KK Fabrics is based in the beautiful town of Young NSW. Young is a thriving little country town of 7000 people in the Hilltops region, three-and-a-half hours’ drive south-west of Sydney, and 2 hours’ drive from Canberra. Thanks to its relatively high altitude, Hilltops is a cool-climate region and is renowned for its glorious undulating countryside and its top-quality fruit. Cherries, peaches, plums, apricots and grapes thrive in the rich red soils. The cherry orchards blossom in September and cherry season runs from early November to around Christmas time.

We have been specialising in patchwork fabrics for over 30 years and we have a proven record for friendly service, experience and excellent quality. Our wide range of quality fabrics is perfect for patchwork and quilting, embroidery dress making furnishings just about any project

We have an extensive range of wide quilt backings and are exclusive Australian distributors for Benartex and Michael Miller Fabrics. We also have an excellent selection of fabrics designed by our Milvale Design Studio team here at KK Fabrics as well as a vast range of beautiful linen/cotton blend fabrics. Ask our helpful and courteous sales team or contact us now!

Whether you are looking for more variety, better quality, or simply beautiful fabrics or a combination of all of these, KK Fabrics is here to provide you with the best solutions to suit your fabric needs.

We are more than happy to help others by donating fabrics for charities or other worthy causes. We do have a large volume of requests so we prefer applications from our regular customers – please contact us for further details.

To express your interest in becoming a valued customer and stockist of KK Fabrics please Contact Us for more information or call us on 1800 641 901

Our customers enjoy:

  • Comprehensive product range especially in Wide Quilt Backings
  • Friendly and helpful Small Company customer service & support
  • Excellent Quality brands and trusted fabrics
  • Competitive pricing
  • Convenient and flexible ordering processes

Quality Assurance

The manufacturers of KK Fabrics products have been carefully selected following our extensive years of experience and evaluation of companies who supply premium fabrics to ensure they comply to international standards.

Our policy also involves regular monitoring and inspections by KK Fabrics management of our manufacturer’s shipping sampling and strikeoff samples.

KK Fabrics also engages in quality checking, monitoring correct colours, print detail, fabric weave, colour fastness, thickness, yarn quality and other details.

KK Fabrics is committed to attaining and maintaining the highest level of quality and consistency. Effective packaging and dispatch methods and reliable transport companies will ensure our premium quality products will be delivered to your company’s premises in good condition.

Our policy for inspection and testing of quality allows KK Fabrics to confidently guarantee to your company that every fabric shipment will comply, thus ensuring you will be using and selling best quality fabrics on the market.

Our Mission, Vision & Values

Our Mission

To bring people pleasure by satisfying their need for quality, profitable merchandise in beautiful designs.

Our Vision

To develop, source and sell the best fabrics in the trade.
To foster, promote and achieve continuous improvement in everything, including constantly introducing new products and refining and improving our range.

To exceed the expectations of all who purchase and use our products..

Our Corporate Values

We are dedicated to maintaining and pursuing sound, upright and profitable business principles in all dealings with everyone who conducts transactions with KK Fabrics.