4 Steps from Design Concept to Quality Quilting Fabric

Hey there fabric lovers! We hope you are enjoying all your fabric experiences and the release of many new collections. In the peace and quiet of your sewing studio or the hum and buzz of that recent sewing class, have you ever found yourself thinking about HOW this beautiful quality fabric came to be?

In fulfilling our company’s vision “to develop, source and sell the best fabric in the trade”, Kennard & Kennard maintains quality control for all our fabrics, including Burrangong Backings Australia, right from the very beginning. Our 100% Cotton cloth is woven especially for Kennard & Kennard so that we provide our people with top quality fabric.


1. Developing New Designs

The design team at Kennard & Kennard continually develop new, on-trend Wide Quilt Backing designs in a vast range of beautiful colours to suit our customer’s needs. Our new exclusive designs begin with an inspiration!

Once a Quilt Backing design has been created, we choose a variety of colours to complement current, on-trend patchwork collections.

The design is sent to the supplier, along with a carefully selected colour range for the supplier to match.

A strike-off is created by the supplier and sent back to Kennard & Kennard where the team check the sample for colour, quality and clarity. Here we ensure the colour quality is perfect. We also show the strike-offs to our customers for your valued feedback and suggestions for improvement.


2. Quality Checks

After the strike-off design sample has been approved, Kennard & Kennard request ‘X’ amount of meterage to be woven, dyed and printed by the supplier.

Quilt Backing cloth is specially woven for Kennard & Kennard to meet our high standards of quality. We do not buy backing fabric ‘off-the’shelf’ which is likey to be low grade cloth.

dyed and printed

3. How do we achieve the superior backing quality?

The base cloth, known as the greige, is dyed first and then the cloth is printed. This gives a superior result. For most colours, reactive dyes are  used which give a much better outcome and better fabric hand than the cheaper pigment dyes used by other printers.

The colours are then cross-matched with the original strike-offs chosen by the design team here at Kennard & Kennard.

4. Approving the Design

At this point, the supplier sends sampling fabric of the product for us to approve. These are then made into samples for you to see and touch. The supplier then packages and ships the Burrangong Backing fabric to our warehouse!


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