Over 65 Years of Trading

By Kennard & Kennard | Posted: 22/03/2016

Every business strives to have the upper hand in a particular market and to be the business that their target market will turn to. Many succeed through the use of their Unique Selling Points (USPs) or their customer’s preferences. In reality, when you reach 65 years of being in business it is well worth reflecting on the fact that it hasn’t been for nothing and something to be impressed by.

Kennard & Kennard has been operating as a family owned business in Australia since 1949, operating in the fabric trade for over 65 years. Commencing as clothing wholesalers, the business has evolved to our current position as a leading wholesaler of quilting, patchwork and furnishing fabrics.

With 65 years of experience behind us, we are committed to leaving every customer feeling satisfied with our fabrics, being rest-assured that your fabric purchases are of the best quality.

We’ve spent 65 years looking after Australian customers with their fabric needs, more recently in the patchwork and quilting industry. Over this period we have innovated our range, introducing our range of quality Quilt Backings, beautiful Patchwork ranges, Linen/Cotton Blends, Batiks, Yarndyed Ginghams and Stripes and much more.

Take the time to get to know us, familiarise yourself with our products and quickly discover our excellent and reliable products and services we provide!

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