Our Mission, Vision & Values


Our Mission

To bring people pleasure by satisfying their need for quality, profitable merchandise in beautiful designs.

Our Vision

To develop, source and sell the best fabrics in the trade.
To foster, promote and achieve continuous improvement in everything, including constantly introducing new products and refining and improving our range.
To exceed the expectations of all who purchase and use our products..


Our Corporate Values

We are dedicated to maintaining and pursuing sound, upright and profitable
business principles in all dealings with everyone who conducts transactions with
Kennard & Kennard.
Kennard & Kennard upholds the following values:
 Integrity, Uprightness and Honesty
 Loyalty
 Respect for others
 Respect for authority
 Teamwork
 Accountability
 Satisfaction in work accurately, well and efficiently done
 Professionalism and dignity
 Orderliness and tidiness
 Sound personal presentation