Burrangong Backings

BurrangongWelcome to Burrangong Backings Australia, the new wide quilt backing brand name by Kennard & Kennard. All quilt backings in our range are now under this new name, providing customers with products which hold a unique Australian identity.

Being situated in Young, New South Wales, on the banks of Burrangong Creek, Burrangong Backings Australia has evolved from our well-known Australiana Range, Burrangong Creek. Recently, we took our inspiration further to create a name which encompasses our entire wide quilt backing range – a name which is so uniquely Australian!

The name Burrangong dates back to the 1820s when the excitement of Australian pioneer life in New South Wales was strong. It was the place where James White established a farm beside a deep running creek known to the Aboriginal people as ‘Burrangong’. The establishment of Burrangong Station quickly changed the site from an uncultivated forest to a highly prosperous, agricultural land.

ViewHidden under the grass of the plains, too, lay a secret wealth awaiting discovery. In the 1860s a rich gold deposit was found in the Burrangong Creek at Lambing Flat, not far from Burrangong. This became one of the most important goldfields in Australia. Over the years, the heritage of Burrangong became woven into the history of Lambing Flats, later renamed the town of Young in 1861.

Now, Kennard & Kennard want to share a valued part of Australian heritage,predominantly because our building is situated on the banks of this historic creek. Burrangong Backings Australia is a name which embraces the Australian character and proudly provides customers with Quilt Backings which are unique and exclusive. Click this link to view all the wide quilt backings in the Burrangong Backings range – Burrangong Backings Australia.

The pleasant view from Kennard & Kennard, situated on the green grassy banks of Burrangong Creek.